Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions that we receive regarding the Eastrise online flight school

Online Flight School FAQs

YES. Our online flight school is absolutely free to all our fully paid students. No strings attached!

The Eastrise online flight school is a training portal we have prepared for students who have started their flying lessons. It contains videos and text that covers the air exercises, stage checks and other results areas. This is a great way of exposing our students to the lessons they will undertake, thus helping them to prepare both intellectually and psychologically. Students who utilise the online flight school do not struggle to grasp the concepts taught in the actual flight lessons. Moreover, they have increased chances of passing their stage checks and the checkride at the first attempt.

On the other hand, our Online Ground School is a learning portal that covers the theoretical component of the various aviation (pilot) courses. We complement the online ground school with a free mock exams site we have named TestPrep as well as Flytex -- our free to use Android App that only fully paid students at Eastrise have free access to.

NO. Our free resources are only for Eastrise Aviation students. External students may purchase a subscription on our online store.
We recommend completing ground school first. However this may not always be possible. You therefore need to complete the Air Law and Radiotelephony ground school courses and pass the prescribed exams (knowledge tests) before you can start your flying lessons.
YES. A student's online flying school subscription will expire after 365 days from the date of the first enrollment. We will also suspend it indefinitely once the student completes their training and has passed the knowledge tests. Subscription to the Eastrise online schools and apps is not transferable.
Sure. Just let us know and we will be happy to create an account for you. Please note that test-drive accounts for the Eastrise online flight school will automatically lapse after 24 hours.
Our online ground school data demand depends on your usage. For planning purposes, consider between 400 MB to 1 GB per day.

General FAQs

We have disabled user registration on the Online Flight School website. Our ICT team will manually create an account for our student and the system will automatically send the student an email with the details.
All our marketing emails have a footer unsubscribe link. You may not be able to unsubscribe from emails that relate to account security, outstanding fees notification or those from the flight scheduling portal.
You can change your password by clicking the PROFILE menu link. Be sure to contact our ICT team should you face any challenges. There is no option to edit the username without first deleting the user account.

To prevent abuse, our system requires that courses purchased in cash or by cheque be manually approved. This is different from purchasing with your VISA card. In the latter, the system will automatically activate your account. Our administrator will activate your account within a reasonable period after you have presented proof of payment.

Subscriptions by cheque will be activated after the funds have reflected in the Eastrise Aviation bank account

We engaged various experts to help develop our courses in-house. It is only the physical training manuals that were developed by an aviation consulting firm with over 50 years experience in developing aviation courses.
You should be able to get a fully functional online ground school on a computer or a tablet. Although it is also possible to access it on a mobile phone, we recommend bigger screens for the best learning experience.

We have disabled user login from from more than one device. If you are unable to login, you can either select the Force Logout option to logout the other device or suspend the attempted login to continue on the other device.

Please note that entering a wrong password more than five times will result in an automatic login blockage from your IP address for 30 minutes or more. You will receive an automated email with a link to lift this blockage. Alternatively, you may wait for 30 minutes to pass after which you should be able to login in again.

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